SBI PPF Scheme: As soon as your salary comes to your bank, deposit just 2000 rupees here every month and you will get huge profits

 SBI PPF Scheme: As soon as your salary comes to your bank, deposit just 2000 rupees here every month and you will get huge profits There are many options available for investing today where you can start investing and get good returns but it is important to invest in such a place from where you get good returns, in such a case you can start investing in PF scheme from SBI, under this you get good benefits.

SBI PPF Scheme

In this scheme, you get higher returns than the Public Private Fund scheme. The maturity period of a PF account is 15 years and the facility of PPF account is provided by India's largest bank, State Bank of India. If you are currently an account holder in State Bank of India, then you can start investing with it.

State Bank is getting so much interest

Public Private Fund is a scheme in which you can invest your money for a long time. If you open an account with this scheme, then on investing, you get an annual interest of 7.10% from the bank as well as from us. Those who are doing any job can deposit 12% of their salary in PPF.

You can start investing from Rs 500

You can start investing in PPF with your important documents in State Bank of India. Many people have started investing in this scheme and consider it a great option. You can start with a minimum of ₹ 500 and there is a provision to deposit a maximum amount of 1.5 lakh rupees.

Under this scheme, you have to invest money for 15 years. After 15 years, on maturity, you get all your money along with interest. If you want to continue it even after maturity, then the PPF account can be extended for 5 years.

You will get a return of lakhs on an investment of Rs 2000

If every person starts investing ₹ 2000 in it, then a return of lakhs will be received for 15 years. According to this, let us know how the money is deposited and by investing ₹ 2000 every month, you will get an investment of ₹ 24000 in a year.

If you invest for a maximum of 15 years, it will be around Rs 3,60,000. This Neeleshwar Bank gives you an interest rate of 7.01%, according to which you will get Rs 6,50,913 on completion of your majority and out of this, a total profit of Rs 2,90,913 will be made only from interest.

Where can you open a PPF account

If you also want to start investing under this scheme, then for this you will have to open an account in your nearest State Bank. Along with this, by contacting the bank officials, you can open a PPF account in the post office and for this, PPF account can also be opened in the name of minor children.