Modi Government took a big decision; Electricity Bills of all people will be waived off

 Modi Government took a big decision; Electricity Bills of all people will be waived offBijli Bill New Rule: In the summer season, people have to use air conditioners, coolers and fans to get relief from the heat. This increases the consumption of electricity significantly. Higher consumption of electricity translates into higher bills. In such a situation, it becomes difficult for poor and low-income families to pay the monthly electricity bill.

Poor families will get relief from the new scheme of the government

Keeping this problem of poor families in mind, the government has announced a new exemption for them. Under this exemption, electricity bills up to 300 units will be waived for poor families. Only those families who have BPL (below poverty line) ration cards will get the benefit of this exemption.

How to take advantage of this discount

To avail this discount, people will first have to apply online by visiting the government website of their state. After applying, their electricity bill up to 300 units will be waived.

In this way, poor families will be able to use electricity easily even in summer and they will not have to bear the heavy burden of electricity bills due to their low income.

Demand for implementation in other states as well

Right now this scheme is being implemented only in a few selected states but people demand that it should be implemented in the whole country. The problem of heat is there in every state, so poor families in all states should get the benefit of this exemption. This will not only provide relief to poor families but will also increase their savings.

Opposition parties also tried to corner the government

Meanwhile, opposition parties have also tried to target the government regarding this scheme. They say that earlier the Delhi government had made electricity bills free for poor families. And now the central government is copying the same. But the government says that they are taking these steps for the welfare of the people and this will provide great relief to poor families.

It can be said that this new exemption of the government will provide relief to poor families in summers. Along with this, they will also be able to save some money. Although the opposition is calling it the appeasement policy of the government, but this will definitely benefit the poor families.