Lakhs of people have stopped getting free ration, update KYC quickly

Lakhs of people have stopped getting free ration, update KYC quickly Ration card scheme is a very old scheme under which various types of amendments are made in this scheme by the central government from time to time and through these amendments, people are given the benefit of various facilities of ration card continuously without any interruption and without any hassle.

Recently, the Food Security Ministry has issued a new amendment and has informed all the ration card holders that the persons who are given benefits under the ration card will have to complete the KYC update in their ration card.

Those who do not get the important KYC process done in their ration card as per the information issued will be deprived of the benefits of the ration card and they themselves will be responsible for this. All ration card holders must get KYC done.

Ration Card KYC Update 2024

E-KYC for ration card has to be completed within the stipulated time for all the beneficiary persons, only after which you will be able to get the facility of ration card continuously from the next month. All the persons can easily get their KYC updated with the help of any online site or application.

It is important for ration card holders to get KYC done so that their main information can be updated and if any other type of benefit is added to the ration card, then it is very important to get KYC done for that also.

Update your ration card KYC sitting at home

If the ration card holders have their own Android mobile phone, then they do not need to go anywhere to update the  e KYC of their ration card, rather they can complete this task sitting at home. It is very easy to do eKYC sitting at home in which the main role is played by your mobile.

Your Android mobile will have a Play Store app from which you will have to download the Mera Ration app and through this you can update the entire eKYC. People should know all the important information about this app for ration card update.

Ration card KYC updating is mandatory

It is very important for all ration card holders to get KYC done because under this, the customer identification of the person holding the ration card is done. The KYC of ration card is mainly done by the Ministry of Food Security to know the benefit status of its customer.

In such a case, if any ration card holder is dead or his ration card is cancelled due to any reason, then the benefits of all such persons are stopped and the problems of those persons who face some difficulty in getting the benefits are resolved through KYC.

Documents required for Ration Card KYC Update

The process of updating the KYC of the ration card is mainly completed with the help of the mobile number and Aadhaar card number of the ration card holder. During the KYC process, your mobile number and Aadhaar card will be very important for you and after linking these numbers, KYC will be completed.

If you are a ration card holder, then it is also necessary to have your own bank account because many benefits of ration card are made available in their bank account. Apart from this, your mobile number and Aadhaar number should be linked to the bank account, only after which KYC can be done.

How to update KYC for Ration Card Scheme?

  • To do KYC for ration card holders, first of all Mera Ration Card app has to be downloaded from Play Store.
  • After downloading the app, open it and select the option of Aadhaar seeding in it.
  • After this, in the next page you will have to enter the Aadhaar number and ration card number in the app.
  • After verification of your ration card number, you will be shown all the information related to eKYC on the screen.
  • Through this information, the members who have eKYC will have Yes written in front of them and the members who do not have KYC will have No written in front of them.
  • The member who does not have KYC will have to complete his/her KYC online by visiting the official website. Remember, do not forget to link the mobile number in any process.