3 big changes on LPG gas cylinder from June 1, great news, LPG New Rule

 3 big changes on LPG gas cylinder from June 1, great news, LPG New Rule The central government is likely to change the prices and subsidy of LPG gas cylinders. The new rules that will come into effect from June 1 can provide a lot of relief to consumers. Let us know how these changes will affect the pocket of the common man.

LPG gas cylinder prices may fall

According to information received from sources, the prices of LPG gas cylinders may fall by Rs 100 to Rs 300 from June 1. Currently, a 14.2 kg gas cylinder is available for around Rs 903. If the government cuts the prices by Rs 300, then consumers will be able to get this cylinder for just Rs 603. This will be a very relieving news for common consumers.

All consumers can get a subsidy of Rs 300

Till now, only the families covered under Garib and Ujala Yojana get a subsidy of Rs 300. But according to information received from sources, a subsidy of Rs 300 can be added to the accounts of all LPG gas consumers from June 1. However, its official announcement has not been made yet.

Ration card holders can get free gas cylinder

Another important news is that people living below the poverty line and ration card holders can now get LPG gas cylinders for free along with ration. Apart from this, women covered under the Ujjwala scheme can be given three gas cylinders free in a year. The Rajasthan government has made such an announcement and gradually this scheme can be implemented in other states as well.

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It is clear from these three changes that the government is trying to provide relief to consumers. Low gas cylinder prices, subsidy and free gas cylinders will greatly benefit poor and middle class families. However, these changes have not been officially approved yet, but it is expected that the government will make an official announcement soon.

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