Do this business at home, no need for more machines, you will earn 40,000 per month

  Do this business at home, no need for more machines, you will earn 40,000 per month Papad marking Business idea: Hello friends, As we know Papad makes an important contribution to the diet of Indians. If you want to start papad making business now. So you will not need any machine in this business. So you don't have to spend more. You can also do this business part time with a job. You can also do this sitting at home. And as your business grows, you can also bring in machines. You can also create your own brand. In today's article we will give you information about this business.

Process of making papad 

The process of making papad is very simple, in which you first have to buy the dal of which you want to make papad. After that, add different types of spices to it and knead the flour. Prepare small sticks of it. Then make it like a roti and then fry it and your papad is ready.

How to sell papad? 

Try to sell this papad first in your locality or village. If it's good and tastes good, people will automatically buy it from you. But you can sell this product online. Nowadays people buy different types of things online.

And to sell your papad in online medium first you have to do some promotion i.e. marketing. You can take some quotas of your papad and share it on different social media platforms.

 This has to be encouraged. That's why people watch more food on youtube, you can also promote your papad on youtube play some good videos and photos of your papad as advertisement on YouTube and this way papad can be sold online.

How much will the business of Papad cost? 

As machinery in this papad making business you will need only L Velan Patli. Which is also available at your home, so you will not need to invest much money in this business.

You have to spend a little on raw materials like pulses and spices. How much you want to buy it depends on you. If you have dal and masala in your house then start making papad before its dhwara. Check it by getting people to do that papad test. This way if you sell papad offline you can earn namana.

How much profit will be made in Papad' s business? 

People who are currently in this business take 30% to 40% margin. That means you can sell tamro papad for 130 rupees in the market. This is a good margin for a start up business. In the beginning you don't have to spend much on promotion and marketing to sell your product. If you advertise papad through online platform, even if you do so, try to advertise it with minimum amount.

 But when you promote and market through advertising, your production increases and the number of people who buy it increases exponentially. In such a situation, even if the margin decreases, your goods reach more people and there is no decrease in profit. That means in a month if you sell 1 lakh rupees worth of papads then you can make a profit of 30 to 40000 rupees.