NextGen mParivahan App: Government App For Save Driving Licence, RC Book, Etc.

NextGen mParivahan App: Government App For Save Driving Licence, RC Book, Etc.

NextGen mParivahan App: Government App For Save Driving Licence, RC Book, Etc.

In the digital era, accessibility to important services must prioritise ease of use and openness. With the NextGen mParivahan mobile application, the Indian government has made a big advancement in this regard. With this app, citizens have immediate access to a multitude of services and information relevant to the transport industry. In this post, we’ll examine NextGen mParivahan’s features and advantages as well as how it may make it easier for you to engage with India’s transport infrastructure.

Understanding & Download NextGen mParivahan App:

A mobile application supported by the government called NextGen mParivahan aims to give users quick access to a variety of services and data in the transportation industry. This software may be a helpful tool for anybody wanting to buy a secondhand automobile or who already owns a vehicle. Here are some of its main characteristics:

Vehicle Information Retrieval: An extensive database of automobiles registered in India is available on the app. Users may obtain important information such as the owner’s name, registration date, registering authority, make and model, fuel type, vehicle age, vehicle class, insurance validity, and fitness validity by simply inputting a car’s registration number. This tool is immensely helpful for confirming a vehicle’s legitimacy.

Vehicle Search: Have you ever questioned a parked car’s past? Do you think the car could have been stolen? By entering the registration numbers of parked, lost, or stolen automobiles, NextGen mParivahan enables you to do a search. This feature encourages openness and reduces crimes involving vehicles.

Verification: It’s essential to verify the accuracy of the seller’s information when purchasing a used car. With the help of this app, you can confirm vehicle registration information and learn crucial data about used cars, such as their age and registration history. It’s a useful resource for making educated choices on the used automobile market.

Driver’s License (DL) Verification: The app offers users the option to check their driver’s licence information in addition to car details. For extra convenience, you may also produce virtual DLs and RCs (Registration Certificates).

Additional Features Of NextGen mParivahan App:

Other advantages of NextGen mParivahan include virtual RC/DL, encrypted QR codes, information services, DL/RC search, transport notifications to residents, and access to RTO/Traffic office locations, in addition to the fundamental functions already stated. The range of transportation-related services offered through the app is constantly being expanded by the creators.

NextGen mParivahan App App Details:

  • Updated on: August 28, 2023
  • Requires Android: 7.0 and up
  • Downloads: Over 50 million
  • Content Rating: Rated for 3+
  • Released on: January 10, 2017
  • Offered by: National Informatics Centre

NextGen mParivahan App App Permissions:

The software asks for a number of permissions in order to operate, including access to contacts, phone, device ID, location data, microphone, camera, device history, storage, and identity. These permissions can be managed by users in their device settings.

NextGen mParivahan App Data Safety and Security:

NextGen mParivahan places a high priority on protecting user data. The app does not divulge user information to outside parties and encrypts data in transit. It may gather data such as approximate location, contact information (name, email address, and phone number), messages, photographs, videos, files, and documents, as well as information on how well an app is performing, device IDs, and crash logs.

NextGen mParivahan App Video For Guidance

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NextGen mParivahan App Conclusion

Finally, NextGen mParivahan is a game-changer for the Indian transportation industry. It offers citizens a simple and open approach to have access to crucial data about cars and driver’s licences. This software can help you, whether you’re a car owner, a potential buyer, or just interested about the past of a parked automobile. NextGen mParivahan, with its constantly increasing list of services and dedication to data security, is an essential tool for anybody navigating India’s transport system.

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