How To Choose Jio Choice Number

 How To Choose Jio Choice Number: At a time when owning a mobile phone has become a necessity for everyone, many even like to have personalised mobile numbers of their choice. While some people have special favourite numbers, others consider a few numbers lucky and thus search for a good combination of numbers when purchasing a SIM card.

Not many users are aware that they have the option to select their desired number combinations. With telecom operators expanding their ways to enhance customer experience, people can now register for their own choice of mobile numbers for their sim cards.

How To Choose Jio Choice Number

A few companies in the Indian telecom market including Vodafone Idea, BSNL, and Reliance Jio are providing interested subscribers with certain digits of mobile numbers of their choice. Among all these, Reliance Jio also has something slightly better to offer as it provides subscribers the option to choose their preferred choice of numbers for a minimal cost.

Through its Choice Number scheme, Reliance Jio allows both prepaid and postpaid users to easily get a mobile number of their choice. While users will not be able to select the complete number, they can choose the last 4 to 6 digits of their new Jio number.

Jio Lucky Mobile Number Charge

When it comes to getting a lucky number, the first question that everyone asks is how much it will cost. For Jio’s new scheme, you have to pay Rs 499 only once. This special offer is available for both prepaid and postpaid users of Jio. Users do not have to pay any additional charges except Rs 499.

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How to Get Jio Lucky Mobile Number

  • Go to Jio’s official website at and select the self-care section. Users can also use the My Jio app.
  • Next, find the ‘Choice Number’ section.
  • After selecting the same, enter the last 4 to 6 digits of your choice that you want to incorporate in your Jio number.
  • Once selected, you need to make a payment of Rs 499 to activate the number.
  • Your new Jio number will be activated within 24 hours.
  • Do keep the booking code with you as you might be asked to submit the same by the Jio agent at the time of the delivery.