What is Ethanol Blended Petrol?

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What is the benefit of adding ethanol to petrol?
  • E20 fuel results in a large reduction in carbon monoxide emissions,
  • Which is less than 50% in two-wheelers and 30% in four-wheelers, as ethanol promotes complete combustion.
  • But there is no clear trend in nitrous oxide emissions as it depends on the type of vehicle/engine and the conditions under which it was operated.
  • As part of a drive to expand the use of biofuels to reduce emissions and reduce dependence on foreign exchange-draining imports,

  • 20% ethanol-laced petrol (E20 petrol) was made available at select gas stations in 11 states and union territories on Monday.
  • Currently, 10% ethanol is blended into petrol (90% petrol, 10% ethanol), and by 2025, the government wants to quadruple this amount.

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E20 Petrol: Benefits of E20 Petrol

  • The use of ethanol produced from sugarcane, broken rice and other agricultural products will reduce the dependence of the third-largest oil consumer and importing nation on international imports.
  • India currently depends on imports for 85% of its oil requirements. It also reduces carbon emissions.
  • When compared to E0, the use of E20 is believed to reduce carbon monoxide emissions by around 50% in two-wheelers and around 30% in four-wheelers (neat petrol).
  • Both two-wheelers and passenger cars are expected to reduce their hydrocarbon emissions by 20%.
  • In the financial year 2021-2022
  • Oil imports cost USD 125 billion in the first nine months of the current fiscal year (April 2022 to December 2022) alone.
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