Navratri Live Garba | United Way Of Baroda Garba - 2022

Navratri Live Garba | United Way Of Baroda Garba - 2022 : The main aim of United Way of Baroda is to develop sharing and caring attitude amongst fellow citizens and to provide funding to worthy non – profit organizations . Baroda is the first city in India where the United Way was established in the year of 1986 . United Way of Baroda has made a difference to the society ever since it was established . United Way of Baroda is working incessantly for funds allocation to several NGOs along with training in different aspects of NGO management, resource mobilization as well as mobilization of individual volunteers . United Way of Baroda has also presented and is implementing some innovative ideas such as 2 – Way Benefit Card and Gold Card ( for Senior Citizens ) . They offer a variety of services , at your doorstep , essential in today’s fast – paced living , but often difficult or expensive for the ordinary citizen—Navratri Garba Festival 2022― Navratri New Video Status, Gujarati Garba DJ Hits, Photo Frame,

United Way Of Baroda Annual Fund Raising Event SEPTEMBER 26 The Navratri Mahotsav is the Annual Fund Raising Event of which United Way of Baroda is extrcmcly proud. This event is famous for its crowd and decorations and it involves more than 40,000 participants daily. The funds collected during these nine nights are then utilized for var beneficial purposes. These funds arıe then allocated to various institutions according to their requircments. In this way thc Navratri Mahotsav supports major projects and activitics undcrtakcn by United Way of Baroda 

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Live Navratri Garba | United Way Of Baroda Garba - 2022 About Welcome to United Way of Baroda Garba Mahotsav Instagram unitedwaybaroda iCompany Overview he United Way of Baroda Based in Vadodara, India Is a nonprofit organization General Information World’s largest Navratri Celebrations only at United Way Of Baroda Garba Mahostav! Awards United way of Baroda organisers have applied for Guinness Book of World Records for having highest number of people at its venue.

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Unitedway of Baroda is helping to improve less privileged people.