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Live Temple Darshan, Daily Pooja & Live Aarti Darshan VR DEVOTEE isn't your ordinary devotional app to consume the same puja that's available everywhere. We bring you original devotional videos, Daily LIVE darshan & Recorded Aartis, LIVE festivals on your phone from hundreds of major temples, mandirs and gurus. This app has wholesome content for the entire family which believes in spirituality & devotion - Grandma can continue her spiritual connect LIVE & also show her Grandchild mythological stories. For those of you who are busy working, start your day with LIVE darshan of your mandir or God whenever you have time and wherever you are. Spirit of devotion makes the impossible possible - so if you are praying for a loved one's ill health, or for upcoming examinations (exams), for securing that job or getting a better financial results, take blessing from a selected God temple whose blessing may help, via VR DEVOTEE. Make it a part of your daily life and experience the power of devotion to reduce stress and stay happy!

You can also get Daily Horoscope/ Rashifal, Astrology & much more at VR Devotee App for free.

Join India's Largest Devotional App to Watch Daily Live Darshan and Poojas from temples/mandir across India.


• Ganesha

• Krishna

• Shiva

• Hanuman

• Balaji

• Sai Baba

• Raghavendra Swamy

• Shani

Live darsan All Gods: 

1. Dwarkadhis  Live Darshan: Live here

2. Salanpur HANUMAN mandir: Live here

3. Dakor Mandir Live Darsan: Live Here

4. Ambaji Mandir Live Darsan: Live Here

5. Sherdi vala Saibaba Darsan: Live Here

6.Somnath Mahadev Live Darshan: Live Here

7. Mahakalesvar Ujjain Live Darshan: Live Here

8. Jalaram Temple Virpur Live Darshan: Live Here

9. Sai- baba Sherdi Live Darshan: Live Here

10. Shamlaji Temple Live Darshan: Live Here

11. Shiddhivinayak Temple Mumbai Live Darshan: Live Here

Sample Aartis & Pujas 

• Ganga Aarti | गंगा आरती
• Siddhivinayak Aarti | सिद्धिविनायक आरती
• Shani Abhishek and Aarti | शनि अभिषेक और आरती
• Yadagirigutta Pavitrotsavam
• Sai Baba Kakad Aarti | साईं बाबा काकड़ आरती
• Bade Hanuman Aarti | बडे हनुमान आरती

Well-known Gurus 

• Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji | श्री श्री रविशंकर गुरुजी
• Swami Sukhabodananda | स्वामी सुखबोधानंद
• Sadhguru | सद्गुरु

24x7 Live Darshan From Temples

• Udupi Sri Krishna Live Darshan
• Shyam Baba Mandir Live Darshan

It's FREE & simple to use. Key highlights:

• LIVE - An ever-growing list of LIVE darshan from temples/mandir across India - Daily, 24x7
• LIVE coverage – Experience major religious festivals LIVE (e.g. Kumbh Mela, Mysuru Dassera, Ganesh Visarjan, Janmashtmi, Mahamastakabhisheka etc.)
• TV - A simple interface to watch LIVE devotional TV channels
• PRIME - Dedicated sections exclusively of some of the most well-known Gurus and Temples/Mandir of India

Child friendly spiritual content - get Kids excited!
• Immerse yourself in Live Pujas & Aartis - Be one with God through our app. With 2D, 3D, VR (Virtual Reality) options, you can immerse yourself in your devotion to God where the experience is similar to you being in the temple.

App is available in English, Hindi & Kannada (more languages coming soon). It has a very simple & user-friendly interface, supports search for you to discover more about Temples/mandir & Gurus. You can chromecast it to your Smart TV or even watch the content in VR (Virtual Reality).

We strive to bring not only Temples/Mandir & Gurus from all over India, but also deliver a stunning experience on Smart Phones, TVs and VR headset. Experience the power of prayer and receiving blessings from temples across India. 

Presently Available Live Darshan:

1. Live Darshan of Govind Dev Ji (Jaipur)

2. Live Darshan of SaiBaba (Shirdi)

3. Live Darshan of Shree Mahakaleshwar ji (Ujjain)

4. Live Darshan of Moti Dugari Ganesh ji (Jaipur)

5. Live Darshan of Radha vrindavan Chandra

6. Live Darshan of ShreeVitthal Rukmini

7. Live Darshan of Shree Omkareshwer Jyotirling

8. Live Darshan of ShreeTulja Bhawani

9. Live Darshan of Shree mahalaxmi (Ambabai)

10. Live Darshan of vrindavan

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Note: Live Darshan Timings is given in app.

This app is designed to watch live darshan of God tamples.

This app is designed to watch live darshan of Govind Dev Ji tample jaipur and Famous India Temples. This app is absolutely free and Unlimited free Live Darshan.