Gas cylinder subsidy will be easily available

Gas cylinder subsidy will be easily available. Link to Aadhaar card and gas agency. This service was started by Inden Company.

Aadhar card has become a necessity of Indians today. The Aadhaar card comes in handy everywhere if one wants to identify oneself or get a subsidy from the government. However the benefit is only available when it is linked to your account.

This service was started by Inden Company

If you have not yet linked your Aadhaar card with your account and gas agency then you need not worry.

You can easily do this at home. That too by just sending 1 message. Yes, Inden Gas Agency has launched this service for its customers.

Do this before sending the message

Before sending a message for linking Aadhaar card, decide whether your mobile number is registered with the gas agency or not. If the number is linked, you can send a message to link the Aadhaar card directly. However, if the number is not linked, the number has to be registered by sending a message first.

This is how to register a mobile number

If your mobile number is not registered then you send a message, go to the message box and type IOC send it to , if gas agency does not know the number here you can visit official website cx.indianoil. in can visit.

This is how the Aadhaar card will be linked

After sending the message, your number will be registered with the gas agency. All you have to do is send a new message to link the Aadhaar number and gas connection. For this type UID in the message box and send it to the number which is the number of the gas agency. Doing so will link your gas connection to the base and you will receive a confirmation message on the phone.

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Work can also be done with a single call

If you have an inden gas connection, you can also link the gas connection to Aadhaar by making a phone call. All you have to do is call 1800 2333 555 from a registered mobile number with gas connection. Here you can link your gas connection to the customer care staff by telling them the Aadhaar number if you wish