Mandal Decides To Give Free Education To Children Of Parents Who Died In Corona

Mandal Decides To Give Free Education To Children Of Parents Who Died In Corona The federation of self-governing schools has decided to provide free education to the children of those who died due to corona. The decision will affect about 8,000 self-reliant schools in the state affiliated to the federation. Family members can avail fee waiver by submitting documents of death due to corona at school.

In order for the children of those who died in Corona to get a proper school education, the self-governing school governing body has told its members that schools should waive the fees of children whose parents have died in Corona. School administrators should take this decision to help children in their studies in shaping society and for the future of the children.

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Spokesperson of the self-reliant school management federation Dr. Deepak Rajyaguru said that this scheme will be implemented in about 8000 schools of the state affiliated to our organization

What is Coronavirus Health Insurance?

A coronavirus health insurance is a customized health insurance policy dedicated to covering hospitalization and treatment costs of the covid-19. There are various types of covid-19 health insurances online to choose from in India; such as the corona rakshak cover, corona kavach policy or better, you may even just get a comprehensive health insurance that also covers the coronavirus among other illnesses, diseases and healthcare benefits.

Health Insurance for Coronavirus (COVID 19) in India

2020 will be remembered as a crucial time in history. Half the year has gone by, and the pandemic is still looming around. We’ve all evolved from being extremely fearful of the unknown to now learning how to live with it. This is the new normal as we all say today.

On the surface of it, it may seem like things are slowly easing into normalcy but the reality on ground is very different. In India specifically, cases are still increasingly rising. Currently at more than 1.3 million confirmed cases and India now being the 3rd worst affected country in the world, it is now more crucial than ever to take necessary precautions to ensure we’re in the pinkest of both health and wealth.

The coronavirus hasn’t only brought to life a contagious virus but, also other repercussions such as financial instability and the global economic slowdown. This evidently means you don’t only have to protect yourself from the virus and other illnesses but, also ensure you are financially secure.

That’s why, today more than ever; getting a health insurance for COVID-19 is almost as necessary as it is for you to wash your hands! A coronavirus health insurance will help you manage your healthcare expenses and ensure you aren’t faced with any financial emergencies at such a time.

Today, there are many health insurance policies covering the COVID-19. While some health insurance policies such as Digit’s Health Plus are customized to cover all illnesses including the coronavirus, some of them such as the Corona Kavach cover are specific to only covering treatments pertaining to the coronavirus.

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Disclaimer: Digit Insurance is providing only a standard health insurance policy (Digit Health Care Plus Policy) which covers hospitalization expenses due to COVID-19. Coronavirus policies such as Corona Rakshak or Corona Kavach are not available as of now.

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