Another Hindu girl kidnapped in Sindh, Pakistan, clerics forcibly marry middle-aged man

Another Hindu girl kidnapped in Sindh, Pakistan, clerics forcibly marry middle-aged man

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In Pakistan's Sindh province, once again, there has been a case of kidnapping and conversion of 1 Hindu girl. The latest case is of Samro in Sindh province. Where a Hindu girl was kidnapped by Sirmati and forcibly accepted Islam. After which the clerics forcibly married the girl from the accused hijacker. It is alleged that an affidavit has also been filed by pressurizing the girl. In which the girl is told that she has accepted Islam at her own discretion. The accused hijacker has been identified as Abdullah. According to the information, the accused Abdullah is already married and his children are more than the victim. The aggrieved family has registered a case for the daughter to be returned to Mirzapur court. Tell us that the cases of kidnapping of Hindu girls in Pakistan are continuously increasing. But the Imran government is not taking any concrete action against it.

It may be recalled that on 14th August, 204 Hindus were converted into Pakistan. Imran Khan's government is continuously promoting conversions in Pakistan. According to a report by the Sindhi Foundation in the United States, about 1,000 Hindu girls are kidnapped and forcibly accepted to Islam every year in Sindh province. These girls are between 12 and 28 years of age. After the change of religion, Maulvi marries Muslim youths. Pakistan's PM Imran Khan internationally always claims that the minority community in Pakistan is safe. But the situation is totally opposite. In Pakistan, incidents like discrimination against minorities, violence, murder, kidnapping, rape, forcible conversion are continuously increasing.

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