Accused arrested after 03 years

Accused arrested after 03 years

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Today, a team of district police Kathua led by SHOs Rajbagh S. Bopinder Singh along with ICPP Maiheen Vikas Sharma arrested an accused named Mohammad Sadeq S/A. O Dullah R/R O Handay Chuck Marheen case FIR No. 78/2009 for the last four months. 2020 U/A S188 IPC 11/11/2018 5 is evading his arrest in the PCA Act. Thana Rajbagh.

The accused is a professional offender who has been charged with FIR 384/2014 of police station Kathua. 2017 U/A S 188 RPC has also been evading his arrest for the past three years.

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